1st Day of 2017 Advent Calendar…

We are featuring Toys That Teach!!

  • Toys That Teach is Richmond’s #1 toy store and was rated #1 by Richmond Magazine in 2017! This holiday season you can support our local small businesses by shopping at this incredible store that is full of everything you need for all of those little ones in your life.
  • My favorite thing about Toys That Teach is that as soon as you walk through the door, one of their staff people is ready to help you immediately! They are creative, clever and know more about our kids’ minds! The toys are affordable and are unique and sometimes hard to find in those big box stores.
  • When I do bring my kids with me, they always discover something educational that I never would have found anywhere else.
  • Do yourself a favor and shop here this holiday season and all year round for birthdays and for toys you will never see at Target!