Day 3 of the 2017 Advent Calendar…

We are featuring Winterfield Veterinary Hospital for Day 3 of our 2017 Advent Calendar!

We have taken our dogs to Winterfield Vet for over 5 years now and have always received excellent care!  Bandita, Dasher and Jules are all big fans of the doctors here.  Bandita and Dasher were both very challenging dogs who needed different kind of attention and patience from their doctors.  These two dogs were extremely difficult and not the best patients.  The vets were always very gentle and loving with them and we owe them so much for their incredible care.

Jules is much easier and LOVES to visit!  She wags her tail and is always ready to see the friendly staff and wonderful nurses at the front desk.

Winterfield Vet is a very special place for us.  We trust them to take care of members of our family.  Their treatments and advice are always in the best interest of our dogs and we can’t thank them enough for making sure our pets are the healthiest they can be.

You’ll love the doctors and staff at Winterfield Veterinary Hospital!