Day #5 from the 2017 Advent Calendar…

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We are all familiar with the weekly “meal in a box” plan these days!  There are loads of different companies out there offering 2-3 meals in a box that are delivered to your door step every week.  Well, look no further! Personal-Chef-to-Go delivers fully cooked meals right to your door step and the meals are really tasty!

This is no joke.  You can order meals for the whole family and it costs just about the same as the “meal in a box” stuff.  The difference is that these come ready to eat and you have little mess and don’t need a single dish!  AND these meals are good for you!  Yes!! These are health-conscious meals that are delicious and EASY to eat!

If you know someone who could use some help over the holidays, these make the perfect gift!!

We love Personal Chef to Go!!