Day #6 Showcases The Little Bookshop

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We are so excited about Day #6!  This beautiful store popped up in Sycamore Square and brought huge smiles to our daughters’ faces!  We go here a bunch to find new books for us and for them.

What we love most about this great shop is that it brings the fun back to buying the real deal.  Who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly opened book?  Feeling the pages is part of the joy of reading!  You can’t get those pleasures from a computer or smart phone.

What we also love about this amazing spot is that it is full of books you might not discover in the big box stores.  The staff writes reviews and posts them on the aisles below the displays.  And these are genuine opinions, not just fake reviews made up by robots!

The staff is fantastic!  They love books and it shows!