Day 9 is going to the dogs…

On this snowy day, here’s shout out to our doggie daycare, Dogtopia!  There are many times when the weather doesn’t allow for our pup to play outdoors and Dogtopia comes to the rescue.  Thank goodness for their many locations and the “walk-in” option.

We have been customers of Dogtopia for years now and trust the staff at Dogtopia of Chesterfield to keep our dog active and entertained all day.  When we can’t be home for walks during the middle of the day, nighttime can be crazy.  Boredom leads to bad things, like chewing and digging.  Here’s a photo of an unsupervised, Jules, digging up an irrigation pipe.  Lovely!


Our dogs have boarded at Dogtopia too and they do an excellent job taking care of them.  They bathe them and feed and we can keep tabs on them via their webcam!

We love Dogtopia-Chesterfield!!