Day 11 is for your car!


Let’s not forget about our automobiles this winter!  You treat your body to wellness, don’t leave out your poor car!  This cold weather can be hard on Speedy and Virginia Automotive is the place you should take him/her to get checked out.  It sure would stink if you turned on your car on a 30 degree day to find out the heat is broken.

Virginia Automotive has a shop on Jefferson Davis and another on Broad Street in Innsbrook.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that the lobby is pretty awesome!  They have access to wifi, coffee, snacks and cable for you while you wait on your service.

What I love about Virginia Automotive is the excellent customer service and supreme knowledge about the car industry.  You see every make and model in their shop because they know everything about cars!  If they don’t, they will find out!

Next time you need an oil change, take your car to Virginia Automotive and you’ll agree!

P.S. They have a Car Care Club!  Treat your loved ones this holiday season and sign them up for membership!