Day 14 is for your skin…

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If you haven’t heard of Impulse Skin and Laser, read this… This new spa should be your go-to spot for facials.  They have great options for pampering yourself and for taking care of your skin.

Their prices are affordable, but they use top of the line equipment.  They are able to offer you what you need without breaking the bank.

Is your teen overwhelmed with acne?  They have a treatment for them too!  AND, they educate your teens, so they know how to keep their face free and clean!

Do you regret getting that tattoo on Spring Break in college?  They have a laser treatment that can remove it in just a few appointments and it’s not ridiculously expensive!

Here’s a gift idea… Impulse Skin and Laser has seasonal facials.  This month they are offering a red wine facial and when you are finished you will receive a complimentary wine tasting for James River Cellars!