Day 23 is also for your home!

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When all of the giving has been done and your home is a wreck, call Super Mirna!  She will come to the rescue and help bring your home back to it’s clean self.

Mirna and her team have been helping me keep my home in order for years now.  I got her name from a friend and she has been a hero!  She gave my home a nice deep clean and comes back every other week to make sure the home is still “spic and span”.  Mirna and her team are like family.  They are always smiling and asking how our lives are and they truly care about us!

Mirna is also an excellent resource for cleaning my clients’ homes to get them ready for the market.  She always gets the job done quickly and thoroughly and for a reasonable price.

If you need a little extra help this holiday season or during the year, give Mirna a call!  (please contact me for her number)