12 Questions to ask When Interviewing a REALTOR®

1. What professional designations have you earned?

Chances are you have seen those acronyms listed after many real estate agents’ signatures. Aren’t you curious to know what they mean? Some home sellers aren’t concerned about their significance, but they should be. Those are certifications for all of the extra education the real estate agent has achieved over the course of their career. They are proud of the hard work they have put into their profession and go the extra mile to make sure they will take the absolute best care of you. Each one of those abbreviations mean more hours, more education, more experience.

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2. How many years have you been in the business?

We all have to start somewhere, so don’t immediately judge a real estate agent if they are in their first year. Ask them if they work with another agent in the office? Do they have support to lean on if they don’t know the answer to something? Not all new agents should be treated equally.

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3. Do you provide a home display book for prospective buyers?

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. The listing brochure is essential because it shows the professionalism of the agent who is representing the property and it also includes extra information that other forms of marketing might miss.

4. What is your average Days-on-Market for listings you have sold?

This is a tricky question in today’s market because some homes are being sold before even hitting the market. This question is a great one to bring up because it will reveal your agent’s experience and knowledge of the current market.

5. What is your average List-to-Sales Price Ratio?

Another tricky question in this low inventory market we are in. Almost all sales prices are above list price in our area. Maybe take this question further and ask what the list-to-sales price ratio for the neighborhood of your home…

6. Which types of reports will you provide me

Your agent should bring you all of the reports. You’ll want to see the previous listing, comparable market analysis, tax records, table graphs with Days-On-Market data, table graphs with List-to-Sales Price Ratios, Neighborhood Data, etc. The more reports giving you information about your home, the better.

7. Will you be marketing within my neighborhood?

The agent will use this opportunity to reach out to your neighborhood, not only to share information about your home, but they will also be prospecting.

8. May I see a sample brochure?

Marketing is a very big part of selling your home. If you do not like the brochure, say something! The brochure will also let you know if the agent is using professional photographers and/or stagers.

9. What is your marketing plan?

Your agent should show you exactly what they plan to do as soon as the listing agreement is signed. A good marketing plan should always be presented at the time of the listing presentation. Make no assumptions.

10. May I see your resumé?

Unless your agent is a family member, do your due diligence. As we mentioned above, never assume.

11. How many homes have you sold?

This number will indicate how many times they have helped someone in the same situation. If they have the support from their office, don’t be quick to judge. And don’t be afraid to reach out to their past clients.

12. Have you sold many homes in my neighborhood?

Why is this important? The agent might have a list of prospects waiting for a home in the neighborhood to hit the market. If they know your neighborhood, they will reach out to them to give them the information. They will also know how the market works specifically to your neighborhood and will help you price your home effectively.

Please do not limit yourself with these questions. If you have more suggestions, we’d love to hear them!! Please send me more at beckymcneer@srmfre.com.