Relocating to Richmond, VA

Relocating to Richmond, VA

Let’s say you’ve already found the home you are moving to in RVA. When you picked the home and won the bidding war, you did your due diligence. The neighborhood, school, hospital, grocery store have been sorted out. Now the fun begins!! It’s time to dig deeper and really get to know Richmond.

  1. The James River 

  1. We are affordable. 

  1. The trees. 

  1. The Richmond Flying Squirrels 

  1. VCU 

  1. Farmers Markets 

  1. The Metro Richmond Zoo 

  1. Proximity to the beach, mountains, city life and river 

  1. Dogwood Dell 

  1. Our Bakeries 

  1. Church Hill 

  1. Swift Creek Reservoir 

  1. Brown’s Island 

  1. Altria Theater 

  1. VMFA 

  1. The Breweries 

  1. The Jefferson Hotel 

  1. Never Bored- Tang & Biscuit, Forest Hill Park, Maymont, Uptown 

  1. Food Scene 

  1. The Art Scene 

  1. The Festivals 

  1. The Wine Shops and Wineries 

  1. We are a cycling destination! 

  1. Maymont 

  1. Main Street Station 

  1. Close to DC 

  1. Azaleas 

  1. Close to ski resort 

  1. Dog-friendly city 

  1. We have seasons 

  1. The Variety of Neighborhoods 

  1. We love sports 

  1. The accent 

  1. Legendary Santa 

  1. The community 

  1. Lewis Ginter 

  1. Little to no traffic 

  1. The cobblestone streets 

  1. The Bridges 

  1. The Byrd Theater 

  1. University of Richmond’s Gothic Architecture  

  1. Ukrop’s Rainbow Cookies 

  1. The Science Museum of Virginia 

  1. The Kanawha Canal 

  1. The Richmond Coliseum 

  1. Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site 

  1. The Valentine 

  1. Children’s Museum of Richmond 

  1. The Virginia State Capitol 

  1. We are a destination. 

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I continue to discover places that I missed or new places that make this place such a great place to live.