Tips for A Smooth Move

Let’s face it, moving is no fun. Between packing up your home and loading the truck, stress levels are high. Here are a few tips to help ease your pain along the way.

1. Create a checklist.

Planning the move is very important. You cannot just wing it unless someone else is doing it all for you. Take out your computer and create a list that includes duties, due dates, important contacts and everything you will need to empty one home and fill another.

2. Plan ahead.

Give yourself plenty of time to organize what you have put on your checklist. Do not rush because something will go missing or you will brake your favorite family heirloom. Narrow down your moving company and stock up on supplies well in advance.

3. Declutter before you start packing.

This is my favorite step in the process. Some moving companies can assist you by supplying a dumpster or POD to use ahead of time. Set aside time to throw away or donate things you don’t need or use anymore. This will help save you time and money in the long run.

4. Contact everyone who needs to know you are moving.

This is the time to transfer your utilities; submit your change of address to the post office; contact your insurance company, bank and anyone else who should know you are about to change your address.

5. Ask your agent for a moveout checklist.

Most real estate agents have access or will give you a moveout checklist. This will guide you step by step for what to do regarding your move, such as remembering to empty the shed or dishwasher. It’s very handy when you are doing one final sweep.

Lean on your real estate agent during this part of the process. They can give you numbers for the best movers in town and they will remember those little details you can easily overlook. This is one of the steps they are very familiar with and want to help you with.